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Seychelles 250 Anniversary Seafarers Monument

Tue, 01/05/2021 - 00:00 -- admin

In the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of Seychelles, Hunt Deltel got the privilege to contribute to a project pioneered by Mr. Robert Grandcourt in honour of the many sailors and passengers whose lives were claimed by the sea. Their stories remain untold and Mr. Grandcourt believed that some stories should not be forgotten.

The statue is based on a black and white photograph of a young unknown boy, taken in a bygone era, rock fishing. It will be erected on Praslin next to the new passenger jetty at Baie Sainte Anne, next to the sea; with the permission of Helen, Mr. Grandcourt decided to immortalise in bronze, this young boy, capturing the love for the sea and the wanderlust in all those Young boys who grew up to become sailors.