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The Eco School Award- working with Environmental Educational unit

Mon, 01/25/2021 - 00:00 -- admin

As part of our CSR programme Hunt Deltel collaborates with the Environmental Educational unit a branch in the ministry of education; This branch is responsible of the Eco School clubs in all the schools in Seychelles. The Eco school award looks at what schools have done throughout the year to raise awareness on sustainability and environment education. It looks at curriculum, everyday practices, school ground, projects, networking, partnership and participation in events and competitions related to ESD (Education for Sustainable Development).

It is an opportunity for Students to work alongside their teachers in the different themed environmental projects to make others aware the necessity of protection of the environment and the benefits that the natural eco system has on our livelihood.

For world water day, the team that is in charge of eco school activities  planned a Poster competition –the aim were to encourage people to use water efficiently and to show the effect of climate change in the world. Some of the prizes were sponsored by Hunt Deltel, which were awarded later in the year after the 1st lockdown. We also donated a batch of cotton gloves to the schools for their vegetable, tree and mangrove planting organised by the eco school clubs for the world Environmental Day.