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Supporting Local Karate Club-Kyokushin

Mon, 10/05/2020 - 00:00 -- admin

“This year the Covid Pandemic has disrupted all our international as well as our local plans. We usually have our Annual Training Camp on Praslin every Easter Weekend which lasts for three days. Our 2020 trainings, have been modify our training to comply with the Ministry of Health's advisories on social distancing. We are unable to conduct any fighting as it involves close contact.

Locally the Seychelles Karate Federation was unable to hold any National Tournaments this year. We had planned three Dojo Tournaments for our junior members this year but had to cancel them. We however held a grading exam for our junior members

Being a non-profit club, financing is one of our major problems. The students make a minimal monthly contribution and we have to subsidize most of our events like the Training Camp, Grading Exams and Karate uniforms for students whose parents cannot afford one. The Black Belt fees are expensive and as some parents cannot afford to meet the full cost, we have to subsidize this cost. We also have to buy specialized equipment for use during our training and this is not cheap. Because of the pandemic, we were unable to collect any funds for over six months. Any CSR donations is used to help us meet these costs” Brief from Shihan- Philip Moustache