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Online Container Tracking

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Kan mon container pou arive?

Online Container Tracking: A helping hand for the efficient importer

With the imminent arrival of a cargo ship comes the familiar sound of ‘n-teen’ phones ringing off the hook.

Indeed when importers see the vessel’s ETA approaching they understandably want to know whether or not their cargo is due to arrive on schedule. Unfortunately when so many calls are coming in, there is bound to be someone on hold, awaiting the next available documentation officer. We say, why not save the wait and track your container online in a matter of seconds?


What information do I need to track my container?

  • Container Number
  • Bill of Lading (B/L or BOL)
  • Booking Number

Container Tracking Sites:

We suggest heading to the shipping line’s main site, such as Maersk or Safmarine which have a tracking function.

Otherwise there are tracking sites which can find your container if you are unfamiliar with the shipping line which owns your container such as www.track-trace.com for example.


What happens between the ETA and the time I can collect my cargo from the port?

A number of tasks must be completed between the time the vessel arrives in port and the point at which we can provide our customers with their much-awaited documentation.

Upon arrival of the container, we receive a discharge list and manifest from the shipping line which need to be tallied. The manifest is then uploaded in our cargo manifesting system and all the necessary information needs to be updated. Upon completion, this information is uploaded to Asycuda and checked for errors. We then need to register the manifest in Asycuda to enable customers to process their Bill of Entry. We then print the delivery orders and send out arrival notices to our customers. Once all containers are discharged, we give out a delivery order which our customers use to collect their container/cargo from the port.