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Hunt Deltel in the Community

Tue, 06/27/2017 - 14:50 -- user

Hunt, Deltel and Sustainability for Seychelles

Organize a Recycled Art Workshop at the Institute of Art & Design

From Wednesday 10th May to Friday 12th May, Hunt Deltel and Sustainability for Seychelles put together a workshop for the third year students of Fine Art at the Seychelles Institute of Art & Design.

During the three days the students were briefed on the ‘waste’ situation in Seychelles by Dr. Michele Martin who ran discussions on the importance of the 3 R’s: Reducing, Re-Using and Recycling waste and underlined the process of waste sorting.

S4S also initiated the organization of a field trip to the Providence landfill, facilitated by Hunt Deltel and STAR Seychelles. The students were amazed to see how much space the landfill and its contents occupy, and the range of items discarded. Mr. Bernard Croguennec, the Managing Director of STAR Seychelles personally took the time to host an educational visit on-site, shedding light on the challenging task of waste management in a small country like ours.

Back at the institute the students were taught a variety of techniques to transform waste into jewelry, sculptures, wall art and hot plates using coffee capsules, electrical wire, paper, broken tiles, drinks bottles and a wide range of other waste. Hunt Deltel provided the tools, Sustainability for Seychelles provided the expertise and the students were given free rein to create as they wished.

Wilton Constance who headed the jewelry-making lessons was excited by the interest of the students, and is hopeful that they may one day use these skills to earn a living for themselves.

Michelle Harter who headed the mosaic lessons hopes that more workshops such as this materialize, “There is nothing more important than inspiring young people to care for their impact on their community and giving them the opportunity to discover their potential.”

Zoe Chong-Seng, an art teacher at the institute, was grateful for the refreshing addition to the week’s timetable, “Workshops like these help to motivate the students. The more exposure they get to different techniques the more aware they become of their strengths.”