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When you receive a parcel slip instead of your parcel

Many of us have experienced the excitement of receiving a call from the DHL office, alerting us of the arrival of our much-awaited parcel.

Many of us have also experienced the less pleasant feeling upon being informed that your parcel is not actually ready for delivery, but rather that it has been held by customs for one reason or another.

For what reason does this happen?

The idea of paying a premium rate for DHL Express’ service is to receive door-to-door delivery; correct.

Nevertheless, whether DHL or not, all parcels are subject to customs clearance and DHL is required to abide by worldwide standard customs clearance regulations.

There are certain instances in which this implies an extra step in the process before the item(s) can be released by customs, hence the use of a parcel slip.

When to expect that your shipment is likely to be retained for further inspection by customs:

For individuals receiving a personal shipment, if your parcel is valued above Scr 3,000.00 (CIF) it is subject to import duty and tax which must be paid separately/ in addition to the freight charge you paid DHL.

If your parcel is valued above Scr 5,000.00 (CIF) a customs broker/clearing agent is required for the clearance of the goods.

For businesses receiving a shipment of commercial value, if the value of the goods exceeds USD 100 (CIF), customs will retain the parcel and the consignment will have to be formally cleared (A Bill of Entry needs to be lodged) by a consignee-appointed customs broker/ clearing agent.

Customs requirements

  • Ensure the sender includes an accurately detailed original invoiceand packing listthat corresponds with the shipment. This document should detail theand value of each item, not forgetting the associated currency.
  • This also applies for items being sent as a gift.
  • For items purchased online, an order confirmation and proof of payment is required such as the post-purchase confirmation e-mail with all above-mentioned information stated within.