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Hunt Deltel Salt Storage

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 09:25 -- user

A stone ‘s throw away from Hunt Deltel Fleet Logistics Centre on Zone 14 of Ile du Port, the

newly constructed salt storage warehouse is the most recent of the group’s property development project.

Salt is used on board fishing vessels to produce brine for refrigeration and storage of fish. The salt is generally imported by vessel owners from Aden and Madagascar and reaches Seychelles onboard reefer vessels. The vessel owners store their salt ashore and replenish their on board supplies during their calls to Port Victoria.

The implementation of this project has long been on the agenda for the company's Shore Handling Department, as another step towards improving the level and scope of service offered to ship owners. The sheds are purpose-built, providing robust shelter from weather elements and improved sanitary and security conditions. The warehouse will also provide a vast improvement in the work environment for staff, away from direct sun and rain with excellent ventilation. The ground will be compacted, levelled and a layer of asphalt will be laid.

Special traps have been designed within the sheds to capture runoff and minimise leaking into the ground. Wastage, as a result will be reduced considerably.

The storage space is sufficient to cater for our customers' needs; approximately 20,000 tons of salt is handled per year.