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Ginette Etheve’s Internship

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:28 -- user

I started my internship at Hunt Deltel on 1st June, 2015. I still smile when I think of the warm welcome I had on that first day. I was introduced to everyone in the office and they were all very friendly which put me at ease instantly and made me forget I was a bundle of nerves!

The first week was very informative. I was placed within different departments in the company and each and every one of them was a great learning experience. If I had to pick one section which gave me a clear overview of the company, I would have to say it was the reception. That aside, working the phones boosted up my self-confidence because it required me to be willing to answer questions from customers – and once someone is on the other line, you have no choice! Yes, it was nerve-wracking at first, but everyone was there every step of the way; guiding and correcting my mistakes. I took everything positively because I was eager to learn. The shipping department equally taught me a lot about the company’s operations. I had the opportunity to visit beautiful yachts, cargo ships and learned about the procedures which had to be undertaken each and every time a new ship comes into ‘town’. Port meetings had to be attended to announce the arrival of ships, container documentation had to be ready, forms for clearance; that list is quite long! The shipping department contains the most flexible working team because they work round the clock.

Most of my days at Hunt Deltel were in the Accounts Department. I was invited to contribute ideas and suggestions by the staff which really made me feel like part of the team; it was a great feeling. Responsibilities that were placed on me made me more confident. At previous work places where responsibilities are very rarely given without a pair of inquisitive eyes trained on you, it was incredibly refreshing to be trusted to undertake a variety of work. I never once hesitated to ask questions. Co-workers were always willing to help and explain everything in spite of being busy themselves. By learning from them, I managed to pick up tips and acquired different types of skills.

Time went by quickly and before I knew it, it was the last day of my internship. The constant buzz of the office was a wonderful thing to be part of everyday, and something that I know I will miss once I am back at school. What I’ve learned is beyond helpful and will it definitely take me a long way. It has taught me to be respectful and kind to not only my future supervisors, but to my co-workers as well.

I have had the utmost pleasure of meeting and working with people who have various backgrounds, expertise and ways of doing things but yet, within the walls of Hunt Deltel, it all syncs together. To-do lists get done each and every day in a very efficient manner. The team spirit is rife here, making it a great and healthy atmosphere to work in. Hunt Deltel is one that I would definitely like to be part of in the future. Thank you so much to the whole team for their support and advice during this wonderful experience. It was greatly appreciated!