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Community Work- The Giant Tortoise Parade

Tue, 02/07/2017 - 10:11 -- user

In June, for the occasion of the National Day celebrations, the company partnered with Arterial Network Seychelles for the launch of The Giant Tortoise Parade public art project. The launch took the form of an art competition which was open to all children curious  enough to venture into the Hunt Deltel  tent  to  create  an original Giant Tortoise art piece.  

Over 300 children entered, with participants as young as three. The range and quality of the submissions was impressive, but 9-year old Neelah Chetty’s design stood out from the rest and was the clear winner by unanimous vote across the judging panel, consisting of HD and ANS members. Neelah’s design is now going to feature in The Giant Tortoise Parade as a joint piece by herself and local artist Alain Ernesta who helped her bring her design to life as the 3rd Tortoise to be cast. The parade is an art project conceived to nurture Seychellois’ appreciation for art as well as the visitor’s appreciation for one of our national icons. 

The ultimate goal would be for a ‘parade’ of some 30 giant tortoises to feature in an international art exhibition for the world to see.