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The Big Move to the Quadrant

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:32 -- user

The excitement was palpable at Hunt Deltel’s Trinity House Headquarters as preparations kicked in full swing over the month of July 2016;  organized stacks of files could be seen growing taller across the counter tops as 17 years’ worth of hard work was packed up into dozens of re-usable DHL bags and archive boxes.  On the eve of our last day at Trinity House the company held a commemorative get-together to which all departments were invited. The directors said a few words, reminiscing over the changes which had taken place during the preceding years, and called for the co-operation of all staff during what would be a considerably big organizational change. To think the company started off within four walls, at Michel Building, without electricity!

The Transport & Logistics Department was at the heart of the operations. A big thank you goes to the strong men who did the heavy lifting to make it happen. It was no small task.

Hunt Deltel’s new headquarters is now fully operational on the third floor of The Quadrant. Staff are enjoying the new canteen, gym and meeting area facilities, as well as the central music system and improved IT Infrastructure. There are also improvements in storage space, sanitary amenities and a new access control system. Use of the underground parking spaces have been allocated to specific tenants, including the luxury apartments on the fourth floor.