A total service company Established 1937
A total service company (Seychelles)



Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) and Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) have embarked on a conservation project to manage the sustainability of fish stocks in the Seychelles waters. Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd was the first to participate in the SSFC/SFA Juvenile Demersal Programme, which is a landmark conservation and scientific programme involving 4 most at risk species based on a review conducted by SFA.


Despite how easily we can all see the beauty of Seychelles from land, the view of Seychelles by sea is simply not one to be missed.

The unspoilt natural diversity of our islands’ landscape can truly be appreciated as you move from the granitic inner islands with the smooth boulders and grand rock formations of extraordinary shapes to the coralline outer islands with their magnificent atolls, rich reefs and turquoise lagoons.


The Association for Women in the Maritime Sector in Eastern and Southern Africa (WOMESA) was launched in Seychelles on the 28th April 2017. The non-governmental organisation falls under the aegis of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and has been launched in collaboration with the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration. (SMSA).

The mission of the Association is to advocate for gender equality, improvement of women’s access to maritime training and technology and promote their advancement to key decision-making levels in the maritime sector in Seychelles.


Pavilion of the Seychelles at the 57th International Art Exhibition- La Biennale di Venezia

Seychelles is participating in the 57th International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia- for the second consecutive year.

Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd. proudly sponsored Arterial Network Seychelles for the launch of The Giant Tortoise Parade in 2016. This event introduced the concept of the giant tortoise sculpture to the public of Seychelles in the form of a youth art competition.


As a company with many international ties, Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd. strongly encourages Seychellois representation internationally. In line with this, Hunt Deltel supports Seychellois athletes representing Seychelles abroad.

Felicity Passon

Since moving to the UK in 2015 to undertake a swimming scholarship, Felicity Passon now 18 years old, has been achieving her goals and has participated in many prestigious competitions.


Hunt, Deltel was founded in 1937 by two prominent local businessmen, Percy Hunt and Alexandre Deltel, and was one of the earliest companies to be incorporated locally.

In 1937, Hunt, Deltel’s principle activity was handling commercial vessels representing Messageries Maritime and later Eastern Liner Services, which offered sailings from UK ports. In addition to this the company also offered the following services and products: insurance, trademark & registration, alcohol, cigars, household goods, sports goods, tyres, batteries and Ford vehicles.


Hunt, Deltel and Sustainability for Seychelles

Organize a Recycled Art Workshop at the Institute of Art & Design

From Wednesday 10th May to Friday 12th May, Hunt Deltel and Sustainability for Seychelles put together a workshop for the third year students of Fine Art at the Seychelles Institute of Art & Design.


DHL Express Seychelles

When you receive a parcel slip instead of your parcel

Many of us have experienced the excitement of receiving a call from the DHL office, alerting us of the arrival of our much-awaited parcel.

Many of us have also experienced the less pleasant feeling upon being informed that your parcel is not actually ready for delivery, but rather that it has been held by customs for one reason or another.

For what reason does this happen?


Kan mon container pou arive?

Online Container Tracking: A helping hand for the efficient importer

With the imminent arrival of a cargo ship comes the familiar sound of ‘n-teen’ phones ringing off the hook.


Hunt Deltel’s New Salt Yard begun operations on 20th April 2017.

Needless to say, the warehouse provides all-round higher standard of hygiene, security and stock control. With the elimination of exposure to the elements, salt loss and leaching will be cut to an absolute minimum – good news for our customers as well as for the generations to come who may well have other plans for the land currently occupied by our salt yard.